5 Foods (And Drinks) That Finish Your Hypertrophy Diet !


Then you find yourself in that heavy training, rest right, until the diet is not bad and yet the results are not expected? Did you know that there are some foods and drinks that when ingested frequently, end your diet for hypertrophy. See what they are in this article.

Anyone who practices weight training already knows (or should know) the importance of a good diet for hypertrophy. It is essential that it is well planned and that it brings all the necessary nutrients to your body. However, there are some foods that end up with the quality of your diet and if eaten often, can greatly compromise the results of your training.

These foods, when combined with certain situations, have a very strong negative effect on the body. So we have selected some of these foods and we will show you the foods and drinks that end your hypertrophy diet!

1- Sugar rich foods

This is obvious! Of course, foods high in sugar are bad for the body. In theory, a lot of people know this. The problem is practice. Sugar-rich foods are bad for your hypertrophy diet. Not only do they generate a huge load of insulin production, they also impair their performance.

Sugar-rich foods, the famous simple carbohydrates, hinder fat loss and overall metabolism.

In addition, sugar-rich foods still accelerate increased fat deposits. With this, you lose income and the worst, you get fat.

Of course, eating, at one time or another, some food that is high in sugar will not directly hinder your training. The problem is the high frequency. When you eat high frequency daily, for example, foods high in sugar, you have the negative effect. When these foods are an exception, the negative effects are much smaller and sometimes even noticeable.

The biggest problem here is that sugar-rich foods cause a kind of addiction. With this, people with difficulties to control the desire to eat sweets, need to be very careful with this.

2- Highly industrialized juices

Many people condemn soft drinks but drink highly industrialized juices. The famous soft drinks or canister juices have as negative an effect as soda. They are overcrowded with sugar and do not have any nutritional quality.

With this, they complement item 1 and bring only harm to your body. Besides the high rate of preservatives and sugar, these juices do not yet bring the vitamins that a natural juice would bring. Thus, these drinks have only harm. Not only for hypertrophy, but also for your health, avoiding these juices is critical to you.

Fruit juice or frozen pulps are the best options to consume. But the pulp for being frozen does not lose nutrients? Not! A study by the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS) showed that freezing losses are negligible, and that fruit pulp is a very healthy option.

3- Inlaid

With the recent Brazilian meat scandal, the choir against some sausages has only been strengthened. These sausages, in the vast majority of cases, are made with low quality meat and are high in sodium (to be preserved longer).

Therefore, in your diet for hypertrophy, avoid the constant intake of these sausages, whether they are chicken or pork.

If you really like these sausages, use them as little as possible. Still, depending on what stage you are in on periodization, even if you are very fond of sausages, avoid them.

Always opt for good quality meat that is not high in fat. This will give you a higher protein bioavailability. For the synthesis of these proteins, this is critical.

4- Alcoholic Beverages

This is a controversial topic. However, alcohol does bring diet problems to hypertrophy and disrupts the results already achieved. Alcohol has a big problem with the diet for hypertrophy: it causes more severe dehydration.

Of course, having a beer or glass of wine moderately will not do much harm. The problem with alcohol, is the excess intake and frequency.

In general, it is indicated that the dietary intake of alcohol for hypertrophy should be reduced as much as possible.

5- Wafers, breakfast cereals and cereal bars

Taken by some as “healthy foods”, these examples mislead many people. In the case of biscuits, there are some options on the market even integral and that have a layout of “healthy”. But in fact, they are foods rich in sugar, poor in nutrition and only harmful to your diet.

In the case of breakfast cereals and cereal bars, history repeats itself. In general, these foods are ingested by unsuspecting people as alternative ways to maintain the diet. However, a diet for hypertrophy needs, first and foremost, nutritional quality.

Thus, these foods that have only sugars, preservatives and few quality nutrients should be excluded from your diet.

These are some foods and drinks that should, as far as possible, be avoided in your diet for hypertrophy. Note that they generally have a characteristic, have fast absorbing carbohydrates as a base and little or no nutrients. This is something that we should avoid as much as possible in our diet.

Another element, not mentioned above, is the terrible combination of sugar and fat. This is a combination that we should avoid the most. It is highly harmful to our overall health and also harms the results.

But it should also be noted that the diet is made routine. Some exceptions, at one time or another, will not bring significant losses. Drinking a beer at a birthday or party, for example, will not make you lose what you have achieved. In terms of diet, what really makes the difference is the rule rather than the exception.

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