Anti-cravings breakfast


Are you one of the people who can’t help but snack at ten o’clock in the morning? With a balanced SlimPhoria Keto Reviews diet upon waking , cravings will only be a bad memory . And calorie side , do not worry, they will be quickly eliminated.

Anti-cravings breakfast ideas

All nutrition experts will tell you: eating properly in the morning, even getting up from bed 20 minutes earlier, is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle . On weekends, transform your breakfast into brunch , it’s friendly and delicious to take the time to wake up.

For a typical weekday menu , prepare a fried egg, half an avocado, a fromage blanc , and two slices of organic wholegrain bread that you can spread with a little butter and a teaspoon of jam .

Drink unlimited tea, black or green, and squeeze a nice orange . No question of swallowing it all in ten minutes, you might digest badly.

If you do not have time, remove one or more foods, and organize yourself little by little to enjoy this healthy moment. You will see, waking up to the idea of ​​a delicious breakfast is much less difficult!

The importance of eating well in the morning

You’ve probably heard that the richest meal should be the morning meal. It’s not a legend: the more you eat in the morning, the more energy you accumulate to start the day off right. The muscles but also our brain are fed properly, they have their fuel necessary to start our daily activities.

Eating fat in the morning is also allowed, provided it is good fat. No pastries, croissants and pains au chocolat , but rather butter and meat, cheese or cold meats.

Are you afraid of getting fat? No risk, you have all day to eliminate, and above all, it is in the morning that the body assimilates the best nutrients. The virtues  of a generous breakfast are therefore no longer to be demonstrated!

The basics for a good breakfast

To avoid snacking, there is no miracle recipe: simply eat a balanced and generous amount of satiating food. Of these, those containing fiber will be your main allies. We therefore rely on wholemeal bread, cereals rich in fiber , fruits such as bananas and dried fruits . As a bonus, benefits for our transit.

Overall, avoid all quick sugars and prefer slow sugars and proteins : it’s the best way to avoid rushing on a treat at 11 a.m. Upon awakening, it is imperative to hydrate.

Never drink cold water or Slimphoria Keto cold fruit juice out of bed, it is a real attack on your body, which spends energy to stabilize the body at 37 ° C. Instead, drink hot but not hot tea.

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