How many calories in the Milky Way?


A well-known sweet candy stall , this bar is named Milky Way because it is a nougat mousse coated with chocolate . It recalls the whiteness of the Milky Way.

Available at a time in the form of a spread, this famous gourmandise belongs above all to the category of Impact Keto Max industrial chocolate bars , type Mars or Twix: pleasure of caloric desire!

Energy supply and composition of a Milky Way bar

A Milky Way weighs 51 grams and provides about 225 kcal. It is therefore quite the average of its sisters, for example a Mars brings 191 kcal and a Twix 226 kcal. The following ingredients are found: sugar, glucose syrup , skimmed milk powder, vegetable oils , cocoa butter, lactose, malt extracts , emulsifiers, salt, vanilla flavor. This composition makes it clear that the Milky Way is a delicacy that will provide a lot of carbohydrates and fats, but with a balance of protein and fiber that does not exist.

How to consume Milky Way while remaining healthy?

Like all sweets in its class, it is possible to consume Milky Way on certain occasions:

during intense sport, it will be a good source of easily assimilated carbohydrates

during a gourmet snack break, between two meals, it can be accompanied by a biscuit and a fruit.

Generally in nutrition, the main thing remains to vary the energy intake and to provide good fiber to the body . In addition, it should be kept in mind that this gluttony is gluten-free, which can be interesting in case of specific diet.

Homemade Milky Way Recipe

To limit calories but also to gain in quality of fatty acids, it is possible to make treats quite close to the Milky Way, at home. By making a milk foam, put in the fridge for 12 hours and then coated with chocolate or spread nutella type , we get a fairly close result.

It is also possible to use Milky Way in compound desserts: a Milky Way cake consisting of two layers of sponge Impact Keto Max Reviews cake wrapped in a milk mousse, all covered with a black and white icing . It’s up to you to let your imagination play and to please you!

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