How to avoid losing muscle in the definition stage?


The definition stage is certainly a necessary and at the same time complicated process, discover how you can avoid losing muscle at this stage to look better.

The definition stage is undoubtedly a necessary and at the same time complicated process, as many will agree that it requires much stricter care, especially when talking about Mass M1x nutrition. And is that one of the possible effects and main fears of many athletes who practice bodybuilding, is the loss of lean mass when undergoing a diet to lose fat.

This is because for muscle gain, it is essential to follow a hypercaloric diet, that is, high in calories, while fat burning requires a low calorie or low calorie regime.

But specifically, what does this mean? Is it possible to lose muscle at the definition stage? Despite the constant concern of athletes, the truth is that degradation of lean mass is not possible so easily.

To imply this, it is necessary to point out again that the definition consists, in simple terms, of reducing the calories consumed throughout the day. Obviously to achieve this, it is important to cut the carbohydrate supply mainly, which at the same time translates into the loss of glycogen, which acts as a source of fuel for the muscles. In other words, avoiding carbohydrates will lead to the reduction of glycogen stored in the body (opening the possibility to the degradation of muscles), which means that there could be a probable loss of between 1 and 2 kg of weight bodily.

But before drawing hasty conclusions, it is important to know that this weight is not because the muscles are burning, but simply that glycogen stores are eliminated, at the same time as accumulated liquids. In quantifiable terms, this loss is the equivalent of approximately 1.2 kilograms of the maximum of the 2 kg of weight that could be lost in the first week, while the rest (although it was us, the 800 grams) translates into eliminated fat.

Loss of strength in definition stage

Just as muscle loss is difficult, the same goes for strength. While it is possible to notice a reduction in this aspect when undergoing a hypocaloric diet, it only becomes significant when the regime extends over the months, so in the first days or weeks, there is nothing to worry about. We must recognize the ability of the body to develop effective defense mechanisms, so if the workouts are still as intense, while maintaining adequate food, it will be impossible to see a reduction in strength.

It should be taken into account that despite the low caloric intake, workouts should follow the same intensity guidelines, varying only in the rest times between each series (in this case they will be longer), while the food should be governed mostly for protein

Despite the lack of carbohydrates there is no reason to think negatively in situations related to the lack of energy to carry out the workouts at the same intensity or pace. The best thing to do in these cases is to maintain a positive attitude, since psychology plays a fundamental role during the process.

Common errors in definition stage

Anaerobic exercises, that is, all those that involve cardiovascular activities could lead to muscle breakdown. To avoid this, it is necessary to keep the protein intake within the usual levels.

There are other workouts that have demonstrated their effectiveness for greater fat burning during workouts, since they require more energy to be carried out. In this case there is much talk about biseries and triseries, however, these do not result in viable alternatives to preserve lean mass.

The best thing for these situations is to opt for strength training combined with metabolic workouts or aerobic exercises, such as HIIT and LISS days.

Combining these last two is Mass M1x Reviews almost essential, especially in the last moments of the definition stage in which it is more difficult to eliminate that rebel fat that is located in the lower abdominal area of ​​the male body, or in the legs of the female body.

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