How to have a flat stomach in 7 minutes?


Often there is no time to spend hours every day at the gym. Fortunately, there are methods of getting a flat stomach in 7 minutes a day . This quick program will help you effectively firm the stomach and stomach area.

Your abs are well muscled, you will feel better about yourself and your posture will only be improved. Keto Trim 800 Reviews Likewise, this will aid your digestion. So many good reasons to start these easy exercises, especially if you combine these tips with a detox cure.

Tips for working the transversal abs

The exercise of the plank will allow you to work all your abs , mainly the transverses, located at the level of the abdominal strap. To perform this first step well, position yourself on the ground by leaning on your hands or elbows. Your arms should be straight. Contract the abdominals by tucking in your stomach a little. Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

You will notice an effort quickly. Make sure your body is aligned with your pelvis. Then switch to the “side board” version. Your body is still well aligned, but unlike the previous position, you will have to tilt to one side and then to another side, by leaning on an elbow. Stay well sheathed to keep your balance. Hold this position for 30 seconds on each side as well .

These tips will help you get a sheathed belly and reduce any bloating feeling.

Build your lower abdomen

It is very often difficult to build muscle in this particular region of the body. On a mat, lying on your back, straighten your head by tightening your abs.

Remember to take a deep breath at the diaphragm . Then take support on your arms. Raise and lower your outstretched legs about twenty times. You should feel a tightness, it means that the exercise works well. Throughout the duration of the training, keep this sheathed position well to control the movements.

In addition, to successfully Keto Trim 800 build muscle in your lower abdomen, promote the so-called “bike” technique . This consists of pedal movements, back to the ground, tight abdominals. In this position, roll up your legs and make wide movements, as if you were riding a bicycle in the air. Make twenty or so per leg.

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