How to increase muscle mass by combining different proteins !


The effects of whey protein (coming from whey) to increase muscle mass are well known. The supplement is highly recommended and used as it helps to increase daily protein intake. The nutrient is essential for those who want to have a toned and strong body.

A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology , however, endorsed the theory that a combination of soy protein, casein and whey protein is more effective than pure whey protein. Consumption of the mixture after activity increased amino acids and prolonged the action responsible for increasing muscle mass .

Man drinking a shake after training

Researchers at the University of Texas School of Medicine based on an earlier publication. She had reported that the protein combination extends muscle protein synthesis , working better than whey. To prove the conclusion, 16 healthy individuals aged 19 to 30 years were gathered.

All participants consumed supplements one hour after resistance exercise . However, one part used only whey protein alone and the other proved the protein combination. The mixture consisted of 25% soy protein isolate, 50% caseinate and 25% whey protein isolate.

Effective strategy to increase muscle mass

Biopsies performed on participants at the beginning of the training and up to five hours after the activity showed that the mixture has greater potential. It enables the amplification of amino acids and causes greater muscle growth than whey protein.

Amino acids are fundamental in this process, as they are responsible for forming the building blocks of muscles . Research from the University of Texas has shown that the blend of soy, casein and whey allows them to be available for about an hour longer.

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