Pasteurized egg white: benefits and uses !


For all fitness enthusiasts, athletes and diets, a great choice for muscle reconstruction and mass gain is pasteurized egg white. Egg white contains a protein called albumin, which is rich in amino acids and has high biological value. Also helping to promote longer satiety.

Eating egg whites every day as a protein source should be very careful about the risk of Salmonella contamination. This disease can cause many types of serious infections, so pasteurized or unpasteurized egg whites should be cooked at least 70 ° to eliminate the bacteria. Therefore, always try to buy these foods in reliable places.

Understand what pasteurized egg white is, its main benefits, and how the consumption of this substance can increase the potential gains that are already so well known in sports:

What is pasteurized egg white?

The product was developed by a process that separates the egg whites from the chicken egg mechanically. Then it goes through another process which is pasteurization, a heat treatment where the egg whites stay at 72 ° for a while, eliminating the microorganisms that harm the body. The whole process guarantees 100% of the hygiene of the product manufacturing.

Benefits of Pasteurized Egg White

One of the main benefits of pasteurization is knowing that the food will be safe and free from any harmful bacteria, especially compared to the normal egg. The unpleasant egg smell also disappears after the pasteurization process due to the high temperature. So even for those who like to consume raw eggs, there is no presence of that specific smell.

Within the process all eggs are all selected and for those who want to consume only egg whites, you avoid wasting yolks. Each package always comes with the same amount, making it easy to use in multiple recipes, and always pay attention to the expiration date, which is longer than natural eggs. Not to mention that time is saved in not having to separate the egg whites from the yolk.

Best time to consume egg white

Pasteurized egg white can be eaten at any time, and for trainers, they can ingest it after training as well. For those who practice physical activities, it is recommended to consume the product before bed. This helps the body during the catabolism process, which is when muscle tissue degenerates after exercise fatigue. It also helps in anabolism the process of building muscle tissue, which is done during the 8 hours of sleep.

Best to consume raw or cooked?

There is a part of athletes who believe that eating raw pasteurized egg white is more effective because cooking changes some of the egg’s properties, such as protein. But according to some studies, raw whites when ingested guarantee only 35 to 50% absorption of the organism, while if cooked increase the absorption to 90 and 95%.

To further increase the amount of protein in your diet, you still have the option of eating pasteurized egg white with vitamins and juices. Blended with other proteins without being cooked or raw, even greater absorption is guaranteed.

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