Sleep well, the key to cultivating healthy skin


Sleeping between six and eight hours at night, in a quiet environment and in a comfortable bed, is key to show off healthy skin.

At night, the brain produces melatonin, a neurotransmitter that helps its proper functioning, and is only generated when there is darkness. Therefore, by sleeping properly, in full darkness and away from noise, the celebration can rest.

When sleeping, our skin relaxes and there is a cellular regeneration that helps improve its appearance. In addition, it allows the release of liquids, which decongests the eyes and prevents swelling or redness. Otherwise, dark circles may appear or be pronounced due to vascular congestion.

Within this process, skin care is essential, starting because it is clean of free radicals and dirt that accumulate during the day, because of pollution and makeup. Hence the importance of cleaning the skin before sleep. Therefore, in Docmeti we recommend the products that best suit your facial hygiene needs, starting with a cleanser and then applying a moisturizer or nourishing.

Tips to show off healthy skin

It is important to take into account sleep hygiene that refers to a series of tips to ensure the ideal sleeping environment.

  • It is key to create a dream habit and keep it. The idea is to have an hour to go to sleep and another to get up, so you organize the sleep cycle.
  • Food plays a fundamental role. A light dinner is ideal before bedtime. Otherwise, a heavy meal can disturb sleep and cause nightmares.
  • It is advisable to sleep in comfortable clothes that are not very tight.
  • The room should be quiet, with no noise like those from the TV or music, unless it is relaxing and at a moderate volume. Nor should air currents or light reflections enter.
  • You should do a cleaning and a massage when applying moisturizing or nourishing products to maintain healthy skin.
  • The products should be applied at least 10 minutes before going to sleep, let the skin absorb them and thus achieve the desired goal.
  • Change the pillowcase once a week, as the skin is oxygenated, regenerates, and dead cells are left in the pillow.
  • Postures play an important role. To avoid wrinkles or mark them, we should not sleep with jewelry. Sleeping on your stomach can hold fluids and when you wake up you have bags and dark circles under your eyes. It is recommended to do it on your back since this does not cause pressure on the skin and decongests.
  • Does it seem incredible that these aspects influence healthy skin? Now you know the importance of sleeping and generating healthy habits to achieve a more radiant skin.

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