Supplements for when you practice football


Do you want to have a better performance during your matches and your workouts? With a healthy diet and this supplementation you can improve.

Do you want to have a better performance during your matches and your workouts? With a healthy diet and correct supplementation you can improve your performance during intense Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews workouts and improve your results in the field, in addition to having a lower risk of injury or other health problems, which could occur during games or during games. training.

It is a fact that an adequate diet does a lot for our health and for our performance in the field, since although it does not make our physical conditioning more or better, if it is able to enhance our performance and ability to be better, since it is a fact that a well-nourished footballer is stronger, recovers faster, has better results and performs more.

If you are thinking of consuming supplements for your next competition, it is important that you are well informed about supplements that are not considered doping and that in this way you can have access to the best supplements advised by professionals in sports nutrition that guide athletes to evaluate The best dose options.

Next we will leave you a list of supplements that will help you to have a better performance in football :

Caffeine : Caffeine is used by athletes because of its properties that improve endurance, decrease fatigue, increase fat burning and stimulate the central nervous system helping to cope with workouts and matches with a greater mental focus. Even if you don’t forget that exceeding caffeine is bad.

Creatine: Without a doubt this is one of the supplements most used by athletes, especially for those who do heavy workouts, since creatine improves strength, power and helps to have a better increase in muscle mass . It allows the athlete to have more intense workouts.

Athletes who consume creatine as a supplement should ingest specific formulas and ingest more fluids during the day, since creatine can retain fluid and cause cramping.

Baking soda: It can be taken before exercising to improve performance on certain occasions; showing positive effects when used in intermittent activities such as football, although it is important to use doses that do not affect the body and that offer an individual solution without discomfort.

The antioxidants : Famous for stopping the aging of cells, antioxidants are able to protect athletes during intense workouts, such as football players, who need that extra contribution to protect them from excessive production of free radicals produced in the metabolism that deteriorate our body. You can consume Vitamin C, selenium or zinc, although there are many varieties of antioxidants.

Proteins and amino acids : You can consume protein powder supplements such as ‘Whey Protein ‘, Casein and Albumin, which are used in general to increase the volume of muscle mass, in addition to improving the strength of the athlete.

On the other hand, amino acids (BCAA’s, arginine, leucine, glutamine, etc …) are used to protect the immune system, maintain lean mass and offer greater resistance.

Hypercaloric: These are a mixture of carbohydrates, “good” fats and proteins that can be used by people who train a lot and have a very fast metabolism, helping them gain weight or increase muscle mass.

The Carbohydrates : Without a doubt these are extremely important because they are the favorite source of energy of our body, so supplementation before, during and after the training is very good, plus a high intake of carbohydrates good quality guarantees a good dose of muscle glycogen, which is important to have a good sports performance.

Betaine: For goalkeepers who have some special requirements, they can add this supplement before and after training along with a sports drink to improve their speed, flexibility, coordination, strength, explosion, agility and balance.

With these supplements you can get a better result in your workouts and in your competitions without damaging your body, since none of these supplements show side effects Super Fast Keto Boost when taking the recommended doses, so try not to overdo it. And finally, remember that a healthy diet full of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs will allow you to have a better performance.

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