What is the calorie expenditure for 1 hour of bodybuilding?


It is shouted on all roofs: the sport, it makes you lose weight . But how much?

For example, what is the impact of a Balanced Max Keto weight training session on weight loss ? Between 400 and 600 kcal : this is the calorie expenditure generated by an hour of effort. Details and tips to optimize the loss!

How many calories does bodybuilding burn? Everything depends on you !

If an hour of bodybuilding is unquestionably very useful to lose weight , we are not all equal to the effort.

Indeed, some of us, more resistant or simply better trained, will manage to achieve more bodybuilding movements in the same period of time.

But it’s mathematical: the faster the pace, the more calories you burn.

However, other factors also come into play: the weight of the dumbbells, but also the importance of the muscle mass involved …

How to lose weight faster with bodybuilding?

“I want to optimize my bodybuilding sessions to lose weight faster! How to proceed ? ”

First, promote exercises that require the most muscle: squats with dumbbells will make you spend more calories than the isolation movements of the biceps.

Then try to reverse the order of the exercises. Often, we start with bodybuilding to finish with cardio. By doing the opposite, we increase the number of calories burned!

And most of all, trust the time: the more you progress, the more you will increase the pace … and the more calories you will spend! To move faster, be very regular: for an effective program, several sessions per week are necessary.

But always space your training a day or two: training every day is a bad idea, which is likely to promote injury … In bodybuilding, recovery is essential!

The unheralded benefits of bodybuilding exercises

If the health benefits of swimming or fitness are often mentioned, those of bodybuilding are much less. However, this sport practice does not only allow to carve its silhouette with precision!

Indeed, bodybuilding is excellent for bone health and thus helps reduce the risk of fracture. Alternating activity and rest through series of movements, it would make bones more receptive to effort.

Well-practiced, bodybuilding also plays a role in preventing back pain . Finally, like many sports, it promotes cardiovascular health.

The disadvantages of bodybuilding? Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS The risk of injury if it is poorly practiced, and a cost that can increase if it is performed in the room , access to equipment being paid.

With the right tips, you can easily optimize your weight training program to lose more weight and improve your health . At your dumbbells!

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